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History of the Flag Committee

                 The Flag Project was first inspired by the ideas of the extremely patriotic George G. Julius, and the first committee meeting was held in September of 2002. Coming from an ardent military family, Julius believed that the city of Southport, Indiana should have some way of both honoring and commemorating all veterans. The committee was first brought together with six members: George G. Julius (the founder and now deceased), Jack Harman (now deceased), Kenneth Winslow, John Wombles, Greg Dant, and Bob Mayer.

           In order to begin Julius’s idea of creating flags, flag poles, and plaques to honor the loved American veterans, the committee had to collect generous donations from the citizens of Southport. One of the committee members, Kenneth Winslow, said, “We had no clue how long it would take to get all of the donations in to start the project.” Starting out weary over the sum of money needed to begin the project, the committee finally collected incredulous sums of donations from their supporters, and within eight months from the very first meeting, the committee could start posting the flags. Nearly one hundred flags were flying over the city of Southport by the end of May 2003.

           Almost a decade later there are eight members present on the Flag Project Committee: Rob Bettcher, Greg Dant, Bob Mayer, Wayne Singleton, Anne Singleton, Jack Shea, Kenneth Winslow, and John Wombles. The numbers of flags and plaques have been increasing ever since 2002, and there are now over two hundred flags and one hundred and fifty plaques hanging on the Southport flag poles. In the years to come, members on the committee wish to see more flags and plaques increase in numbers to honor the loved American veterans. Click here for a Flag Plaque Application.

By Megan York



Winslow, Kenneth. Personal Interview. April 15, 2012.

Wombles, John. Personal Interview. April 14, 2012.

Text Box: Picture Gallery of the crew placing the flags.

2012 Flag Committee:  John Wombles, Bob Mayer, Rob Bettcher, Annie Singleton, Jack Shea, Greg Dant, Ken Winslow and Wayne Singleton.