Our Greatest Generation

Perry Meridian High School†††††††††† IDEA:  10th Grade US History and American Literature

Text Box: The service learning tradition of the sophomore IDEA class began in the 2002-2003 school year when the class partnered with Senator Richard Lugarís Veterans History Project to compose a book featuring World War II veterans and those serving on the home front.  Guided by Mrs. Nancy Johnson and Mr. Ron Cunningham, the students interviewed residents of Crestwood Village Apartments, researched aspects of the war related to their stories, and published Our Greatest Generation, a book of 24 Americansí stories, whose contributions to the war effort impacted millions of Americans and generations to come.  A World War II party, with the students portraying military figures and celebrities of the era, honored the veterans and their guests.  Books were presented to each veteran and Senator Richard Lugarís representative presented certificates to the veterans and students.  The project was covered by Channel 8, The Indianapolis Star, and southside newspapers.  The book is housed in the Library of Congress, the Marion County Public Library, and the PMHS IMC.

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