Sacrifices of Ordinary Men

Perry Meridian High School†††††††††† IDEA:  10th Grade US History and American Literature

Text Box: 	The tradition of service learning of the Sophomore IDEA class continued with the 2003-2004 school year as the class attended meetings of the local chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart.  They  invited members of the World War II era to attend a luncheon in the Falcon Nest where the students began the interviewing process.  The students researched aspects of the war the soldiers fought in to include in their stories and went through an extensive editing process to publish their book, The Sacrifices of Ordinary Men: Stories of the Purple Heart.   The project culminated with a World War II party with the students portraying military figures and celebrities of the era with the veterans and their families as the honored guests.   
	Each Purple Heart recipient received a book and a certificate from Senator Richard Lugar as a participant in his Veterans History Project.  A presentation of the book was also made by members of the class to the Perry Township Historical Society.  
	The summer of 2004 marked the dedication of the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C.  One of the veterans presented  the book to the National Military Order of the Purple Heart, now part of their  archives in our nationís capital.   The students, teachers, and school were honored at the schoolís Veteranís Day program  in November of 2004 with plaques recognizing their distinguished service  to the Military Order of the Purple Heart.  In addition to their archives, the book is also housed in the Library of Congress, the Southport and Marion County libraries, and the PMHS library.

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