Southside Historical Sites

Perry Meridian High School           IDEA:  10th Grade US History and American Literature

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Text Box: Perry Meridian High School’s sophomore IDEA U.S. History and American Literature class participated in a service learning project about historical sites on the Southside of Indianapolis. 
Each tenth grader was responsible for researching two Southside historical sites. With the help of the Southsider Voice, members of the Southport Historical Society, and the senior citizens at Green Park Terrace Apartments, the students settled upon sites that helped shape Indy’s history. 
This website was created to globally display the students’ research and inform the community of the many sites of interest on the south side.  We also wanted to showcase the service parts of the project, which include community outreach at the Southport Street Fair, teaching fourth graders at Glenns Valley Elementary, and painting a mural at Green Park Terrace.
The completed website was launched on Friday, May 1, 2009.

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Click on the photo at left to see the mural painted at Green Park Terrace.

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