Southport Flags Research Project



Perry Meridian High School           Mrs. Cooney’s 10th Grade IDEA American Literature Class

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Perry Meridian High School

401 W. Meridian School Road

Indianapolis, IN  46227

                 In early spring of 2012, the sophomore IDEA class at Perry Meridian High School began a service project to assist the Southport Flag Committee in their efforts to honor veterans and keep the flags flying in the city of Southport.  These flags are sponsored by plaques, which are purchased by residents who want to honor a veteran or loved one.  With the help of the committee, we began plotting over 200 flags on a map and identifying honorees for interviews. 

           While the map plotters did their job, the other students in the class contacted the honorees or a family member of the honoree and asked them to fill out a questionnaire that had been sent to them in the mail.  This questionnaire, combined with other interviews and phone calls, contributed to short biographies about the honorees.  Also, these veterans were invited to a reception that was held in the evening at the Southport Community Center, where cookies and punch were served and more interviews took place.  Photos were also gathered for the website.             Afterwards, thank-you cards were sent out which also reminded them to send in their questionnaires if they hadn’t already.  They all were also invited to our booth at the Southport Street Fair.  At the booth, shared with the Southport Flag Committee’s booth, there was information about our project.  Games and freebies were also available for family fun.  By completing this research project, we hope to make the veterans of Southport, and those honored in Southport, well known to the public and make the information available to future generations who see the flags flying in Southport.  By Allison White.

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