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Perry Meridian High School           IDEA:  10th Grade US History and American Literature

Text Box: During the 2004-2005 school year,   the sophomore IDEA class came up with a new slant on service learning to aid the community.   Inspired by the study of  Thornton Wilder’s classic play, Our Town, the students decided to turn their research of the Perry Township community into a work of art and perform their own production of Our Community: The History of Perry Township. Guided by  American Literature teacher, Mrs. Nancy Johnson and US History teacher,  Mr. Ron Cunningham, the students scoured library stacks, newspaper archives, and historical accounts of the township along with over 50  interviews of lifetime  Perry township residents and members of the Perry Township Historical Society to complete their research and compose  individual term papers.   Then began the arduous  task of turning the research into a dramatic form.  In their finished play, the students portrayed many of those individuals who are a major part of local lore from early settlers Samuel Bryan and Jacob Smock through the underground railroad at Hannah House , the German influence, local schools,  World War II,   and beyond.  In the audience were members  of the historical  society and those interviewed including,   publisher emeritus of the Southside Times, Jerry Sargent.  The 90 minute play followed one family through several generations to relive the history and drama of each time period in the township’s history.
The class was honored by the Perry Township School Board for their achievement.

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